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Call To Discernment

Calling Christians to Biblical Christianity. Christians must have discernment in all areas of life in this end time of deception, realizing also that American leadership of both political parties are leading us into the New World Order of the coming antichrist. Do not be conformed to this world. Rom. 12:2. Expose the deeds of darkness. Eph. 5:11. "He that is not zealous against error, is not likely to be zealous for truth." J.C. Ryle ----- [NEW AND IMPROVED BLOG UNDER CONSTRUCTION] 

July 17, 2016

10:55 PM - Warning About TruNews and Rick Wiles

Rick Wiles is a gifted and convincing speaker. He can deliver a simple salvation message that is quite good but his numerous false prophecies and those of his past radio show guests is well documented. Perhaps in an effort to gain credibility and widen his audience his programming this year has changed from focusing on dreams, visions, prophecies, and fear mongering to primarily a news/analysis outlet. He still interviews guests. Evidently he is having more success. In discussing current news events he has two sidekicks with him who I know very little about, Doc Burkhard and Edward Szall. I have found his news analysis to be mostly good so far. But his charismatic false endtime theology persists. When Wiles is away and his co-hosts take over the daily program is much better.

Wiles of course is a product of the TBN religious network of apostasy where he worked before starting his own organization. He carries Jim Bakker's show on his own network. Ex-PTL Club head Bakker sells overpriced preparedness supplies on his show of gloom and doom. He now blames witches for his old ministry's downfall instead of himself. If you listen to Wiles long enough you can't help but notice how prideful and arrogant he is. Evidently he believes in Christian dominionism and replacement theology. I recently heard him dogmatically state there will be never ever be a third temple for Israel. With that statement he wipes out a major portion of Bible prophecy for the Great Tribulation. 

He is a post tribulationalist who hates the rapture with a passion. He now refers to the pre-trib rapture as Darbyism. Even a little time in research easily proves that John Darby did not invent the pre-trib doctrine as it far pre-dates Darby. Which begs the question. Is he knowingly deceiving others or is he that deceived himself? If he can't even get simple facts about pre-trib history right how can be trusted with current news and analysis?

In recent days his website has undergone a flashy upgrade.
He claims he will begin broadcasting TV very soon. A month or two ago he put up a free streaming music/video service. A few of the video programs are good, like John Ankerberg. Most of it I haven't checked out. The music streams are for the most part awful and just feeds the flesh like any typical music service. Even secular rock music is included. Most of the Christian streams are contemporary.

Wiles' daily program, delayed by one day, is broadcast over a powerful domestic shortwave radio station being continuously repeated along with the Jim Bakker show. Weekends contemporary Christian music is broadcast. Being easily assessable by me at mealtimes and while doing kitchen work I listen to his daily news reports and sometimes quality guests. That is until he gets on his false teaching rants and I turn him off. He never prefaces Christian doctrine that can be considered controversial with "I believe" but always comes across with a dogmatic I am right and you are wrong attitude.

Below is an interesting post I found about Rick Wiles by somebody on a cult forum dated 2009. From all I know about him I don't doubt it's veracity. But whether Wiles is a genuine Christian or not is not for me to decide.

I want to issue a warning about the host/owner of Trunews Christian radio show at www.trunews.com. Some of you might have heard of him. He has over 100,000 listeners, but he is a con artist and not a Christian man. My husband and I donated $11.000 for a tent/church project, and actually moved to Florida to help Rick Wiles start a church in Ft Pierce, FL. about 9 months ago. Within 3 weeks we discovered he was a fraud, and was not going to start a church, but used my husband, who is a reputable minister and subject matter expert on emergency preparedness, as a marketing tool to gain hefty donations. He is very controlling, manipulative, and gifted speaker. That all happened 10 months ago, and now we were contacted by a pastor in Kenya who Rick's daughter was supporting, and they told us that Rick Wiles ordered his daughter to stop supporting their 400 orphans because he refused to be bulldozed by Rick Wiles and commit fraud for him. You can read the entire story on our ministry website. We try to help the spiritually abused folks. Anyway, this man actually is so smooth and so convincing that he has people convinced over the radio that the Kenyan pastor is a thief, and that he (Rick) is justifiable in his stopping support for orphans.

We have been exposing this man as a fraud for months, and in return he has slandered our names publicly, telling everyone my husband is a Russian spy, not a real doctor, a communist, etc. He uses lies like candy to control his listeners. He is very persuasive and so we want anyone out there to beware of this wolf who steals and cons money off of the less fortunate. He has reputable guests on his radio show, which allow for him to come acrossed like he is a good guy but he is far from good.

Finally here is a short
exposé of Wiles I haven't seen before. Be sure to read the reader comments also. In 2014 Wiles announced that he would terminate TruNews to focus on helping Christians spiritually. Instead it's been expanded. He is always saying one thing and doing another.

If you choose to listen to him do so with a very discerning spirit and mind. The enemy of truth never comes with 100% poison. Lies are often diluted with so much truth as to be unrecognizable to the undiscerning. But as the Bible says, "A little leaven (sin, false doctrine) leavens the whole lump." Galations 5:9

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