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Call To Discernment

Calling Christians to Biblical Christianity. Christians must have discernment in all areas of life in this end time of deception, realizing also that American leadership of both political parties are leading us into the New World Order of the coming antichrist. Do not be conformed to this world. Rom. 12:2. Expose the deeds of darkness. Eph. 5:11. "He that is not zealous against error, is not likely to be zealous for truth." J.C. Ryle ----- [NEW AND IMPROVED BLOG UNDER CONSTRUCTION] 

July 25, 2016

10:18 PM - Postmillennialism and the NWO

Between the World Wars a liberal postmillennial view of the kingdom of God dovetailed with a political push for a world federation. In 1934 the Federal Council of Churches began a grassroots public relations campaign to further the Social Gospel during the Roosevelt administration. This led to the formation of the World Council of Churches in 1943. During the war years the FCC also exerted its influence on the US government to abrogate its national sovereignty and become a member in a supranational organization after hostilities would have ceased. In 1945 the United Nations Organization was formed on American soil to bring about a one world government.

The ambitious goals behind these two organizations have never been realized, although they continue to be the heartbeat of many political and religious leaders. Recently, within evangelical Christianity in America different initiatives and movements have re-energized the postmillennial liberal attempt to establish the kingdom of God on earth through a social agenda. Using virtually the same verbiage, methods and propaganda, leading evangelicals are indoctrinating a whole new generation with an unbiblical understanding of the kingdom of God and the mission of the church. This same agenda is now promoted by many churches and missions agencies around the world.

excerpted from Church and State in America: The International Agenda

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