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Call To Discernment

Calling Christians to Biblical Christianity. Christians must have discernment in all areas of life in this end time of deception, realizing also that American leadership of both political parties are leading us into the New World Order of the coming antichrist. Do not be conformed to this world. Rom. 12:2. Expose the deeds of darkness. Eph. 5:11. "He that is not zealous against error, is not likely to be zealous for truth." J.C. Ryle ----- [NEW AND IMPROVED BLOG UNDER CONSTRUCTION] 

April 30, 2016

7:24 PM - The Pale Horse And His Rider

They don't write songs like this anymore. Anybody not touched by this has a dead heart.

Words and music by Johnny Bailes, Ervin Staggs, Zeke Clements and Muriel Deason Wright (Kitty Wells). Sung by Hank Williams, Sr.

Listen poor sinner; you're driftin' away,
From the dear Saviour; who's pleading today.
What will you do; when the Saviour ain't nigh?
When the Pale Horse and his rider goes by.

The time now ain't long; when the Saviour will come,
Then you'll be judged; by the deeds you have done.
On that judgement day; you'll weep and you'll cry,
When the Pale Horse and his rider goes by.

When that trumpet sounds; on the sinners below,
Not even the angels; in heaven will know.
Then's when you'll wish; you had Jesus nigh,
When the Pale Horse and his rider goes by.

Won't you redeem; your poor wicked soul,
You can't pay your way; with silver and gold.
If you're not saved; you'll be lost in the night,
When the Pale Horse and his rider goes by.

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