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Call To Discernment

Calling Christians to Biblical Christianity. Christians must have discernment in all areas of life in this end time of deception, realizing also that American leadership of both political parties are leading us into the New World Order of the coming antichrist. Do not be conformed to this world. Rom. 12:2. Expose the deeds of darkness. Eph. 5:11. "He that is not zealous against error, is not likely to be zealous for truth." J.C. Ryle ----- [NEW AND IMPROVED BLOG UNDER CONSTRUCTION] 

November 30, 2015

3:51 PM - Preacher Arrested on Multiple Criminal Charges

Preacher accused of beating, robbing, raping escorts at area hotels

ROCKVILLE, Md. (ABC7) — He preached the good word on Sunday mornings, but police say he spent his nights hunting escorts at Montgomery County hotels.

Gabriel Omogbo, 33, of Hyattsville, is charged with a slew of criminal counts, including attempted first degree murder, armed robbery, first degree assault and reckless endangerment.

Police say Omogbo would troll Backpage.com, using the website to broker prostitution deals with women.

According to his Facebook page, Omogbo is a preacher at the Celestial Church of Christ in Riverdale. Photos show him dressed in a white ministry robe preaching from a pulpit as congregants (mostly females) listen attentively. In a Facebook post from June of this year, Omogbo wrote, "I can't but give glory to God for using me for his glory... Lord u [sic] are all to be praised."


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