November 24, 2015

Greg Laurie, Harvest America, and the Emerging Church

One world, one church, one apostasy. This is the inevitable result of mass marketing the gospel, targeted solely toward the young, with works of the flesh. As far as I know Greg Laurie is still preaching the Bible gospel message with his mouth. But the unspoken message of a person's life does more real preaching than his/her words. Laurie is up to his neck in partnering with emerging church heretics and their false gospel of another Jesus.


Pastor Believes We're Living in the ‘Last Days.' And What He's About to Do Could Make History

Pastor Greg Laurie has toured the nation and world with his popular Harvest Crusades events — gatherings held over the past 25 years during which he has collectively shared the Christian gospel with millions and led hundreds of thousands to accept Jesus.

Known for Laurie’s compelling messages, the Harvest Crusades also include performances from well-known Christian artists in an effort to encourage Bible believers to bring their friends along to learn more about the faith.

Laurie, 62, recently told TheBlaze that he’s taking what could be the “boldest step” ever since launching the Harvest Crusades in 1990 — a major event slated to be held on March 6, 2016, at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

“We’ve taken bold steps of faith … perhaps the boldest step we’ve taken of all is going to the AT&T stadium,” he said of the event, titled, Harvest America. “[We thought], ‘Why don’t we try to stage what could be the largest evangelistic event in American history?’”


Harvest America is a free nationwide simulcast event on March 6, 2016, featuring music from Chris Tomlin, MercyMe, and Switchfoot, with a clear gospel message by Greg Laurie.
We are blessed to announce that Harvest America and Teen Challenge (both USA and Global) are partnering to bring you Harvest America on Sunday, March 6, 2016, live from Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium.

August 25, 2012
Greg Laurie's Harvest America: Royal Route To Heaven, Rick Warren & The Message
As saddening as it may come to some, we are strongly encouraging our audience of readers to not partake or invite your friends to Greg Laurie's "Harvest America".

Greg Laurie and the Emerging Church

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Teen Challenge Cult?

Chris Tomlin: King of Worship Music
Tomlin holds the unscriptural ecumenical philosophy that is typical of the CCM crowd. Tomlin is a former staff member of Austin Stone Community Church in Texas, which holds the emerging church philosophy. Tomlin has a close association with Roman Catholicism. Chris Tomlin, “the king of worship music,” is using his music to build the one-world “church,” and nothing could be more unscriptural and spiritually dangerous.

MercyMe is a rocking contemporary band that is ecumenical and charismatic. MercyMe’s songs are used by fundamental Baptist churches that have the philosophy of “adapting” contemporary music. The band’s music has gotten progressively harder. The boisterous rock & roll context of their “worship services” has caused even their own lead singer and song writer Bart Millard to question whether the “worship” at their concerts is really directed to the Lord. Like the vast majority of the influential contemporary praise musicians, MercyMe is radically ecumenical. In early 2011 they included Roman Catholic Matt Maher on their Rock & Worship Roadshow. MercyMe is also in the business of breaking down the walls of separation from the world.

Soulfest in Gilford, New Hampshire, one of the biggest contemporary Christian music festivals, is Exhibit A that music is at the heart of the one-world “church.” Since at least 2002, the festival has had a Roman Catholic presence, and this year promises more of the same. The August 6-8 festival will feature a daily Catholic Mass and performances by Roman Catholic musician Matt Maher. Joining hands with Rome this year are some of the most popular and influential CCM groups and artists, including Big Daddy Weave, Switchfoot...Bands and artists participating in past Soulfests include Skillet, Casting Crowns, Family Force 5, Phil Joel, Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Camp, Jars of Clay, Mercy Me...
Friday Church News Notes - Volume 16, Issue 23 - June 5, 2015