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Call To Discernment

Calling Christians to Biblical Christianity. Christians must have discernment in all areas of life in this end time of deception, realizing also that American leadership of both political parties are leading us into the New World Order of the coming antichrist. Do not be conformed to this world. Rom. 12:2. Expose the deeds of darkness. Eph. 5:11. "He that is not zealous against error, is not likely to be zealous for truth." J.C. Ryle ----- [NEW AND IMPROVED BLOG UNDER CONSTRUCTION] 

February 22, 2006

9:58 PM - Satanic Cult Controls Government

More and more illuminati cult victims seem to be coming out with stories so bizarre most people would dismiss them as total fiction. Cathy O'Brien wrote about these things years ago in Tranceformation Of America. http://www.trance-formation.com/ If her allegations were false why wasn't she sued? Even if 1/10th of these allegations are true America is in big trouble. But that's nothing new. Even "beloved" Ronald Reagan was photographed at the Satanic Bohemian Grove resort, and he was also photographed giving the El Diable Satanic sign. The Bible says Satan controls the kingdoms of this world. He can't control the kingdoms unless he also controls the "kings." George W. Bush gave his allegience to Lucifer at his Skull and Bones initiation, just as his dad did years before, and his dad before that. The democratic party is no less corrupted by evil. Is America the end time Babylon spoken of in the book of Revelation? No other nation or city fits the description so well. And Reagan called America the "city on a shining hill." America's days seem to be numbered and so few people care or have a clue as to what is happening. America is a nation mesmerized by TV and a myriad of entertainment forms. How much of Mauri's allegations are true is unknown to us. Certainly with all the evidence of government mind control programs much of it is likely true. Check out her website for additional reading.

Sold As A Child Sacrifice To The Illuminati Cult, Victim Survives Ritualistic Drowning To Tell Her Story. High Level Officials and Nazi War Criminals Involved, Including Ronald Reagan and Nazi Joseph Mengele
Mauri tells about satanic horror stories beginning in Cedar City, Utah, and then moving to southern California where her life became a nightmare filled with cult torure and abuse.
20 Feb 2006
By Greg Szymanski

Mauri had a tough beginning, being sold by her parents to an Illuminati cult group as a child sacrifice.

At the age of three, offered up in a bathtub drowning, she miraculously survived, coming back from the dead on a slab in a Cedar City, Utah, morgue.

But from that day forward, death may have been a better alternative. It may have been better since Mauri's life became a living hell.

Now, at age 63, she wants to tell it all, telling all the grizzly details of her life filled with torture and sex slavery, since she fears the Illuminati, - whose Luciferian philosophy is based in torture and abuse - is now setting the American public up for fascist takeover.

"They must be stopped," proclaimed Mauri as she told her story on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal. "I hope my story let's the American people know how devious and dangerous these people really are."

And regarding the details of her own tragic story, starting with being sold by her parents in exchange for a house to an Illuminati cult group, involving high-level influential members, she reflected back at the painful and humiliating experience.

"Why a drowning? I had a birth certificate, two loving grandmothers, and most of my large extended Mormon family was not cult, so my death had to look like an accident," recalled Mauri about her lifetime of abuse within the clutches of the feared Illuminati.

"When the cult got wind of the fact that I survived, after all the trouble and expense they had gone to, my family was in big trouble. Within six months that 'nice Nazi doctor' relocated us two states away in sunny California."

Looking back at her past torture and abuse, Maui recalled the specifics of the painful drowning experience as a tear came to her eye.

"I opened my eyes, and I felt my tiny naked body lying flat on a hard cold object without sides. I sat up pushing back the white sheet covering my head and then looked around the small room in which I lay. I felt peaceful and relaxed as my eyes focused on the walls that were made of shiny clean white tiles spaced with clean white grout. Except for a sink and the equipment in the room, I was alone, hidden and safe. I assume I was in the hospital morgue.

"Drowning victims were occasionally taken for dead, when in fact they weren't. I had experienced something called the mammalian diving reflex. I must have satisfied all three of the requirements for stimulating the response. I was young, my face was suddenly submerged and the water was cold. Apparently, until you warmed up, you appeared quite dead even to trained medical personnel. And you could be submerged as long as 38 minutes with little or no brain damage if the reflex was stimulated, which under perfect conditions occasionally happened.

"In my reading, one version of the Black Mass was similar to a Catholic Mass, but instead of wine, water, from a well in which an unbaptized baby had drowned, was used. That would explain why the water in which I was drowned was cold. Perhaps they had filled the tub with well water, which would have been the ambient temperature of fall, or cold. It might have also explained the toys in the tub.

"They were there to keep my mind off the cold water. I didn't think I was allowed toys. Such meticulous worshipers, their adherence to detail may have saved my life. Undoubtedly their intention, like good little depression era witches, was to save every drop. Over and over, they could put up my picture, drink a little Unholy water, and wallow in how evil they all had been."

Reflecting on her ritualistic death that backfired for the cult, she tried to put it in prospective with others who researched similar cases..

"The books by Aleister Crowley said the satanic sacrifice was done to release energy through the death agony. I interpret that to mean, the more agony, the more energy, the better the ceremony," said Mauri. "Ritualistic deaths were most often performed by fire, by drowning and by blood letting, according to the literature. All were potentially slow and painful ways to go, lots of death agony.

" It was a religion in which life meant nothing more than a twenty-minute ritual ending in someone's torture and death. Whatever they did in the ritual after my death, if I was sticky with semen or dirty, they could simply dunk me back into the water or hose me off, put tears in their eyes, wrap my nude body in a blanket and dispose of my corpse at the local hospital. The system would take care of the rest. They were always good at making the system work for them."

Mauri said the main reason for going public with her story is she wanted to "wake up Americans," warning them that the very same people who are torturing and abusing children through satanic worshipping have positioned themselves into high-level government posts, including controlling the Executive branch and the White House.

"Bush is one of them and there are many others,' said Mauri. "When I was in California, I remember Ronald Reagan, John Wayne, Bob Hope and Nazi war criminal, Joseph Mengele, were involved in the ritualistic ceremonies.

Regarding the specifics of the encounters with many high profile figures, Mauri added:

"One can't paint an accurate picture of one's life unless one has all the memory pieces. When parts are repressed, one does not see the whole. If the repression is large, a life-time is spend filling in, adding, and re-arranging one's history as each new bit of information from flashbacks or memories must be interpreted and fit in. That interpretation is based on what one already knows, or what one thinks one knows. In the time-line of false to real, statistics plays a role.

"If one person remembers something that no one else remembers, it can easily be judged as false. But, if five remember, them ten the memory must move down the scale toward real. I state this because one of the childhood lovers I remember was Ronald Reagan, another was Richard P. Feynman. I state these memories, not as an accusation, but only as one person's recollection. To become a part of the historical record, it must be accompanied by the memories of many other survivors. But, unlike the memories of others, that include the rich and powerful, my memories are sad. Sad for me and sad for them.

"I met them around 1950 at a mansion in Pasadena, California (home of Cal Tech, JPL and the Pasadena Playhouse, not to mention the O.T.O.) My job was as a part of the entertainment to provide sexual pleasure in a cute, novel way, as a child under ten. The room that I worked was full of men the Nazis had their eye on, men of potential power and influence. Compromise them, take a photo and they are in, a part of the "Good Ol' Boys" club. Evidence of sex with a pre-pubescent child is a powerful blackmail tool for their future control. Never mind that they might be drunk or drugged or both.

"The room that I worked was not full of pedophiles, making my job all the harder. As I worked my way around the sex ring, I developed my future goals, as all children do. It was to be fetching, charming, intelligent, and beautiful, so that when Prince Charming saw me, across a semen filled room, I would be rescued. Was this love partner Prince Charming, or maybe that? I waited, was deserted, abandoned, and I waited again. If Prince Charming had better things to do than rescue me, then I wanted to do those things too. So I became excited about what went on in the room along with the men, and it wasn't sex. I remember the real excitement was in the conversation about science or politics. I was a part of those planning history. We were going to the moon!

"Were photos of Feynman or Reagan taken in compromising positions with children? It would appear. From his biography, just round 1950, Ronald Reagan suddenly changed his politics and moved in a new direction toward a Brave New World. Feynman went on to a distinguished career, even winning a Nobel prize for his contributions to Nazi Physics. It is highly likely that the Pasadena Mansion was the home of the famed rocket scientist Jack Parsons.

"I also remember other famous guests such as John Wayne, Howard Hughes and my vote for the anti-Christ, Edward Teller (father of the Hydrogen Bomb and Chemtrails) . There appears to be some historical physical evidence for the slime that has leaked from my subconscious mind about my notorious past. This activity also peaked the interest of the FBI."

Mauri also recalled how her life immediately changed after not obeying the instructions of one of the Nazi's who regularly visited the home she stayed at in Manhattan Beach, California, owned by a woman named Mrs. Hildebrand.

"I remember Mrs. Hildebrand's friend handing me a knife. He wanted me to use it to kill a chicken," said Mauri. "I was very agitated about the use of a knife. I had refused to cut up my doll, five years earlier, and it was a stand I was not going to back down on. After all, I had gotten away with it then. An intense psychological struggle began, his will verses mine. He grabbed at my arms painfully, then the chicken, white feathers flapping wildly, he strangled the chicken with his bare hands. We moved on to his next task. I was ordered to cut myself. I was not going to cut myself! Why should I become one of them? I thought I would pass out at the very thought of cutting myself. I felt immobilized, frozen. Perhaps it was time to leave the body. It's hard to program someone when they keep passing out, leaving the body behind. It was my strategy. If I was not present what could they do?

"Having crossed Mrs. Hildebrand's friend, they were now mad at me. No bad deed goes unpunished. My waist length hair was ordered cut and all my meager possessions removed. Isn't that what they did at Auschwitz? You may be sure I felt steps from the ovens. And I was well aware of who I was dealing with, having seen many of the post war pictures of the Holocaust.

"That's how traumatized I was by the emotion under which it was cut. My life changed. No longer did I rub noses with the rich and powerful. I was demoted to breeder under the tutelage of my parents and their coven. What a fall from grace. I no longer worked the room. Now the room worked me, as I was regularly gang raped. But wait! Maybe it wasn't such a change after all. I had few possessions before and eventually my hair did grow back. And being raped by one stranger isn't that much different from another. The Nazis were gone; and the members of my parent's coven were nicer."

Editor's Note: Mauri finally left the clutches of the Illuminati, being emotionally and mentally scared for life as she still is battling difficulties with multiple personality disorders due to MKULTRA and other mind control programs used on her throughout the years. To read more about more story go to www.reflectionsinthenight.com.

For more informative articles, go to www.arcticbeacon.com.

Greg Szymanski

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