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Call To Discernment

Calling Christians to Biblical Christianity in lieu of watered-down, entertainment oriented churchianity. Christians must have discernment in all areas of life in this end time of deception, realizing also that American leadership of both political parties are leading us into the New World Order of the coming antichrist. Do not be conformed to this world. Rom. 12:2. Expose the deeds of darkness. Eph. 5:11. "He that is not zealous against error, is not likely to be zealous for truth." J.C. Ryle 

May 01, 2016

6:55 PM - Quote for Today

"Christians should take note. If we're not careful, we will wind up either being drawn into an environment's [society's] lifestyle or will simply end up being continually vexed every day because of what we see and hear. While it's certainly permissible to vote, to take a stand, and to do what we can within the confines of the law to change society, hopefully improving it along the way, we cannot count on the fact that anything we do will amount to much as far as society is concerned. Rather than become so preoccupied with that, we need to be focused on evangelizing the lost, ensuring that they know that they have the opportunity to receive salvation, which is offered from the nail-scarred hands of Jesus Himself."
from the article "Lot Was Righteous But Wasn’t Able to Change a Thing About Sodom"

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6:48 PM - Sensuality in Today’s Christian Music

If you take away the lyrics from many of the songs, there is really no difference between the styles of music heard on secular radio today and what is often played in churches as worship.

I started playing drums in the 5th grade, while I was also playing the cornet, the piano, and singing in school and church choruses. I've always enjoyed music and during my growing up years, we enjoyed Bubble Gum favorites like "Sugar, Sugar" (The Archies), "Cherry Hill Park" (Billy Joe Royal), "Dizzy" (Tommy Roe), and a host of other tunes that were upbeat (and you could dance to them).

It was during those same days in church that the music there was completely separate. People sang hymns which were filled with theological truth with a musical accompaniment that matched the majesty of the lyrics. The world's music remained securely in the world and the hymns remained a staple of worship.

But then the 1960s hit with a fervor and secular music changed big time. Gone was the Bubble Gum, in exchange for the harder edges of the Beatles' music, which had once sounded so innocuous ("I wanna hold your hand!"). In fact, with the British Invasion, secular music took on a more hardcore flavor and pursuit. It became more provocative and even sensual to a degree, with songs like "Sympathy for the Devil" (Rolling Stones) and many others.


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April 30, 2016

7:24 PM - The Pale Horse And His Rider

They don't write songs like this anymore. Anybody not touched by this has a dead heart.

Words and music by Johnny Bailes, Ervin Staggs, Zeke Clements and Muriel Deason Wright (Kitty Wells). Sung by Hank Williams, Sr.

Listen poor sinner; you're driftin' away,
From the dear Saviour; who's pleading today.
What will you do; when the Saviour ain't nigh?
When the Pale Horse and his rider goes by.

The time now ain't long; when the Saviour will come,
Then you'll be judged; by the deeds you have done.
On that judgement day; you'll weep and you'll cry,
When the Pale Horse and his rider goes by.

When that trumpet sounds; on the sinners below,
Not even the angels; in heaven will know.
Then's when you'll wish; you had Jesus nigh,
When the Pale Horse and his rider goes by.

Won't you redeem; your poor wicked soul,
You can't pay your way; with silver and gold.
If you're not saved; you'll be lost in the night,
When the Pale Horse and his rider goes by.

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7:21 PM - The Rapture

The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance.
2 Peter 3:9
This is another short film (12 minutes) by the Scriptures Visualized Institute in 1941. The rather primitive film is not the main reason I'm linking it. Read the comments and be amazed at the spiritual blindness and scoffing of Americans.


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7:17 PM - Songs of Fanny Crosby

Frances Jane Crosby (1820-1915) was one of the most influential American hymn writers. This 1947 production, which starred the great gospel soloist George Beverly Shea (1909-2013), used a slight fictional framework as a setting for many of her most beloved hymns and to highlight the impact of her work on the everyday lives of millions of people. The movie was a production C. O. Baptista Films (called in its early days the Scriptures Visualized Institute), which was one of the first Evangelical Protestant film companies. The company was based in Wheaton, Illinois and parts of the Fanny Crosby film were shot in the Morton Arboretum in the nearby town of Lisle.

1/2 hour

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7:14 PM - Governments Routinely Use Terrorism for Political Gain

Presidents, Prime Ministers, Congressmen, Generals, Spooks, Soldiers and Police ADMIT to False Flag Terror

In the following instances, officials in the government which carried out the attack (or seriously proposed an attack) admit to it, either orally, in writing, or through photographs or videos:

A very long list of examples

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7:13 PM - The Giants of Antiquity

Reliefs, Engravings and Paintings


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8:18 AM - Ted Gunderson: A Man to Remember

Gunderson was the former chief of the Los Angeles division of the FBI and brought his impeccable credentials to the truth/freedom movement.

With lots of links exposing crimes of the US Government

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8:16 AM - Glorifying God in Burial

There isn't much the organized church hasn't adopted from paganism,  cremation being one.

Christians Should Choose Burial over Cremation

Pastor John Piper recently wrote a blog post in which he said burial is to be  preferred over cremation for those who are Christians.

Piper has instead called for Christians to "cultivate a Christian counter-culture  where people expect simple, less expensive funerals and burials," as well as  embrace a "God-centered, gospel-rooted burial."



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April 29, 2016

10:44 PM - Climate Shifting to Colder

Atlantic Ocean showing signs of a significant long-term shift in temperatures from warm-to-cold


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10:09 PM - Silly Putty Bible

by Alf Cengia

Silly putty Bible! No, I'm not being irreverent.

The thing about silly putty is that you can twist it any way you like. You are its master, not the other way around. The Bible is often treated in the same fashion - many professing Christians prefer to dictate to it. They don't want the Bible to intrude into their lives.

John MacArthur hits the bull's-eye in one sentence when commenting on the contemporary state of Christianity, the world and God's word. He writes:

"The Bible is treated like Silly Putty, pressed and reshaped to suit the shifting interests of popular culture." ~ The Inerrant Word (page 26)

MacArthur states that when he began his ministry nearly half a century ago, he fully expected to deal with assaults on Scripture by skeptics and unbelievers. It's natural for the unbelievers' carnal mind to reject the truth and the Bible's authority (Rom 8:7).

However, from the beginning of his ministry until the present time, MacArthur notes that the most dangerous attacks against God's word have come from the evangelical community. He lists: "seminary professors, megachurch pastors, charismatic charlatans on television, popular evangelical authors, Christian psychologists, and bloggers on the evangelical fringe."

I believe the last category is growing and exerting influence among young Christians. Young bloggers emerge from seminary and immediately begin questioning some of the fundamentals of the faith. The word evangelical is also losing its traditional meaning and is long due for revision.


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10:02 PM - Life Begins At Conception With Flash of Light

Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins when sperm meets egg

Human life begins in bright flash of light as a sperm meets an egg, scientists have shown for the first time, after capturing the astonishing 'fireworks' on film.

An explosion of tiny sparks erupts from the egg at the exact moment of conception.

Scientists had seen the phenomenon occur in other animals but it is the first time is has been also shown to happen in humans.

More with video


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10:01 PM - Sex Crimes of the GOP

Another one comes to the light of day. They don't call it Grand Ol' Party for nothing. This is how Congress is bribed into doing anything the elite want.


Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert on Wednesday admitted to sexually abusing teenage boys during his time as a high school wrestling coach in a Chicago suburb before his career as an elected official.

Struggling to stand in federal court Wednesday, 74-year-old Hastert gripped his walker, approached the microphone and said that he "mistreated" some of his wrestlers and apologized.

"They looked to me, and I took advantage of them," Hastert said as he awaited his sentencing after pleading guilty last fall to breaking federal banking laws in a hush-money case. "I apologize to the court and to the people of the United States."

Judge Thomas Durkin sentenced Hastert to 15 months in prison, a $250,000 fine, along with two years of supervised release on the condition that he get sex offender treatment. Prosecutors had recommended a six-month sentence. Durkin called Hastert a "serial child molester" and said he must not contact any of his victims.


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6:43 PM - Election Staff Realize They've Been Had

How results calculated by voting machines can be easily altered. Child's play for hackers hired by anyone with much to loose or gain from the election process.
8 minutes


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6:43 PM - America's Human Sacrifice in Yemen

This is the picture of American foreign policy in action.

An emaciated little baby shortly before his death.

These veils of ignorance and deception parted ever so slightly recently, when, after a whole year, the war on Yemen finally received some major coverage in the mainstream media.

Try to imagine a child you love starved to emaciation. Now realize that your government is complicit in causing 160,000 additional children to suffer that.

The U.S. enabled the Yemen war as a reassuring gesture for the Saudis and a “tough message” for the Iranians. Thousands killed and hundreds of thousands of children being starved, all to send various signals to allies and adversaries: war as a geopolitical messaging app.

Full story

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April 28, 2016

7:19 PM - Trump Will Make His Peace with the War Party

This is a must read article supporting my contention that Trump will compromise with the elite and likely be the next President.


Like Trump’s, Reagan’s rise was fueled by popular discontent with the direction of the country and popular disaffection with its current leadership. Like Trump, Reagan tapped that disgruntlement by appealing directly to the masses using the newly dominant media technology of the time (for Reagan it was television). And like Trump, Reagan was castigated by the political and media establishments as a demagogue, a dangerous extremist, and a loose cannon.

But then a funny thing happened on the last stretch of road leading to the White House. After securing the Republican nomination in 1980, Reagan suddenly became, as Trump would put it, a “unifier.”

Similarly, while Trump might be able to seize the presidency in spite of establishment opposition, he will never be able to wield it without establishment support. And since war is the health of the State (as well as the health of war profiteers), one of the power elite’s non-negotiable demands is the perpetuation of the empire and its wars.

So don’t be surprised if Trump ends up naming an establishment warmonger as his running mate.

March 8, 2016

by Dan Sanchez

Just as Reagan Learned to Love Big Government

Many promoters of peace, while not necessarily supporting him, do hope that a Donald Trump presidency would curb or maybe even end the hyper-active militancy of the American empire. They see glimmers of promise in Trump’s foreign policy statements.

For example, while his Republican rivals vie with each other over who will most antagonize nuclear Russia, Trump talks about getting along with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Trump also veers off the GOP script when he characterizes the wars in Iraq and Libya as “yuge” mistakes (if not monumental crimes).

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get along with the rest of the world?” he recently asked. Trump often sounds like an non-interventionist, and many hope he will govern like one too.

Of course it’s all just campaign talk, which is never to be trusted. However, some of the cautiously hopeful seem to suspend skepticism in this case on the grounds that, unlike most peace-talking candidates, Trump is genuinely “anti-establishment,” and so is more likely to chart an independent course as commander-in-chief.

A Republican “maverick” is nothing new; many political insiders campaign as outsiders. What makes Trump seem like the real deal is the establishment’s (and especially the neocons’) seething hatred of him. If he makes Bill Kristol panic, the thinking goes, Trump must be an actual threat to perpetual war, or at least to the neocons’ sway over U.S. foreign policy.

Trump can afford to thumb his nose at the establishment because for now he doesn’t need it. Thanks to his own great wealth, he doesn’t need campaign funds from Goldman Sachs, Raytheon, or Sheldon Adelson; neither does he need guidance from the think tanks financed by such oligarchs. And thanks to his celebrity, his mastery of Twitter, and his uncanny knack for using plain speech to appeal directly to the American masses, he doesn’t need friendly coverage from Fox News or The Washington Post.

And yet, even while being bombarded by invective from most of the establishment, we find Trump surrounding himself with establishment advisors. As Chris Rossini recently wrote at The Ron Paul Liberty Report, Trump’s circle now includes such mainstream warmongers as Rudolph Giuliani, Chris Christie, Richard Haass (current president of the Council on Foreign Relations), and Senator Jeff Sessions. Trump has even identified John Bolton, an Iraq War architect and close ally of the neocons, as a “go to” expert for advice on national security.


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7:18 PM - Is the GOP Ready to Accept Trump?

If the GOP is willing to accept Donald Trump as the nominee it brings up a possible scenario dating back to Ronald Reagan's first run at the White House. The establishment elite never wanted Reagan to be President. They only nominated him the first time under the condition that he name the CIA's daddy Bush as V.P. Reagan took the bait, compromised with his conservative principles, and it almost cost him his life shortly after taking office. But he still got the message and the Bush crime family gained control. If the establishment try to offer Trump the same deal I hope he's got better sense and calls their bluff. The GOP would rather self destruct [which will never happen] than support an independent outsider. Who Trump selects as his running mate and close advisors will say a lot of things about what to expect. I am now predicting that Trump will compromise with the establishment elite and probably be the next President.


Former House Speaker John Boehner Calls Cruz "Lucifer in the Flesh"

The Republican establishment is getting jiggy with the idea of nominating Donald Trump.

How jiggy? Former House Speaker John Boehner on Wednesday told a crowd
at Stanford University that he was "texting buddies" with the celebrity businessman and would have no trouble voting for him in the fall.

As for the remaining obstacle to Trump's takeover of the GOP, Boehner sounded rather Trump-like himself.

"Lucifer in the flesh," the former speaker said of Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, "I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life."


GOP Washington establishment begins warming to Trump

Republican Establishment Now Does Not Dare to Block Trump
Donald Trump's victories in five primary elections on Tuesday have given him a claim on the Republican presidential nomination that his party's establishment can no longer dare to stop, former US Senate Republican adviser Jim Jatras told Sputnik.

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7:16 PM - Want Mumps? Get Vaccinated

Current Harvard Mumps Outbreak Occurs in 99% of Those Vaccinated
Who says vaccines aren't effective? They give people disease, just what they are designed to do.


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8:33 AM - Trump Warns Against Globalism

BREAKING NEWS – Trump Warns Against 'False Song of Globalism'
[And the elite establishment are in a panic over what he may do to stop it's progression.]

Donald Trump warned against "the false song of globalism" in a major foreign policy address on Wednesday, in an escalation of his rhetoric rejecting the current framework of international coalitions.

"We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism," Trump promised during a speech in Washington. "I am skeptical of international unions that tie us up and bring America down," he claimed.

"And under my administration we will never enter America into any agreement that reduces our ability to control our own affairs."

Trump's comments are among the most vivid depiction yet of his profound doubt in the framework of global institutions that have dominated the globe since the end of World War II.

Full story

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April 27, 2016

10:15 PM - MUST SEE! Fluoride, Teeth, and the Atomic Bomb

What a bombshell of a news story! Who would have guessed that "The first lawsuits against the U.S. A-bomb program were not over radiation, but over fluoride damage, the documents show." I am copying this to give to my dentist.

This was a study of the dental and physical health of workers in a factory producing fluoride for the A-bomb program, conducted by a team of dentists from the Manhattan Project.

* The secret version reports that most of the men had no teeth left. The published version reports only that the men had fewer cavities.

* The secret version says the men had to wear rubber boots because the fluoride fumes disintegrated the nails in their shoes. The published version does not mention this.


Introduction: The following article was commissioned by the Christian Science Monitor in the spring of 1997. Despite much favorable comment from editors, and full documentation, the story remains unpublished by the Monitor. By any yardstick, this report was an award-winning scoop for any national paper. The report offers a glimpse into the history of fluoride, a bio-accumulative toxic that Americans ingest every day. The authors, Griffiths and Bryson, spent more than a year on research. With the belief that the information should be withheld no longer, the authors gave their report to Waste Not, and others, with a short note: “use as you wish.”


Additional information: 

The fluoride wars: loving cancer, loving lower IQ

50 Studies Link Fluoride With Lower IQ

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10:14 PM - Quote for Today

"The complex nature of the [economic] crisis should not be a license to avoid facing its ultimate truth head on: America's working class is in the grips of a malady far more spiritual than material. We can spend trillions more, but safety nets won't save the human soul."
David French, attorney, and a staff writer at National Review

What an astounding comment coming from a publication like National Review.

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10:13 PM - The Working Class Meltdown

This is what is driving Trump's success and not just from whites. He represents their last hope for change from the decades of orchestrated middle class destruction of the American family both economically and morally from the Democrat/Republican establishment.


During an era of headline-grabbing advances in medicine, the United States is experiencing a health cataclysm.

The latest straw in the wind is last week's report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing that life expectancy for white women declined slightly from 2013 to 2014.

Other studies indicate rising death rates for a white working class that is in a slow-motion economic and social meltdown. Self-destructive behaviors are outpacing medical advances against killers like heart disease and cancer. Hopelessness may not be a condition studied by epidemiologists, but it is cutting a swath through a segment of white America.

A paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences late last year highlighted the bleak American exceptionalism of this crisis. It focused on middle-aged whites. In the 20 years prior to 1998, their mortality rate fell about 2 percent a year, in keeping with the trend toward lower mortality in other advanced countries. Then the rates diverged. Rates kept declining in countries like France and Britain. They began increasing for middle-aged whites in the United States.


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6:53 PM - Trump Is Crushing All Resistance-The Criminal Elite Are Running Scared

Trump Is Crushing All Resistance-The Criminal Elite Are Running Scared

In a set of five primaries in the Northeast, Trump destroyed the competition by not just winning the elections; he garnered nearly 60% of the vote in a three-person race. This is unheard of. RNC officials are quaking in their boots because they know that if they steal the election from Trump, America's response will be extremely volatile. There would nowhere that these GOP election thieves can hide and they know it.

The White Middle Class Is Fighting for Its Collective Lives.


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6:53 PM - Creepy Cruz Picks Establishment Puppet Carly Fiorina as Running Mate

"Desperately trying to gain momentum" after losing terribly in the primaries this week, news just broke that Ted Cruz is set to announce his vice presidential pick for the presidency that he supposedly can no longer attain because he's lost so terribly in the primaries: Carly Fiorina.

That's right… the woman who bragged in the debates about how she allowed the NSA to install spy software into thousands of consumer computers after 9/11. The woman whose top job experience is a disastrous reign as CEO over HP during which the company's stock dropped 50 percent and she fired some 30,000 workers, forcing many to train their outsourced

In fact, here's five reasons right now you'd have to be insane to ever in a million years want to vote for this woman as president, vice president, chief executive janitor, anything… ever.

But Ted is such a Constitutionalist, right? (At least that's what his supporters somehow amazingly still tell themselves, anyway.)

More with video


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6:41 PM - Grand Ol' Party of "Serial Child Molesters" is Self Destructing

Establishment Collapsing: Trump Beating Grand Ol' Party Of "Serial Child Molesters" and Has Beens

Donald Trump completed a five-state sweep in Tuesday's Republican presidential primaries, strengthening his shot at avoiding a contested convention.
When the dust settled on Tuesday's contests, Trump was declared the winner in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island, on the heels of his victory in New York state a week ago. His dominant showing in the Northeast gives him significant momentum heading into next week's primary in Indiana. And he's on track to win over 50 percent of the vote in Tuesday's contests, a feat he has only achieved once before, in New York.

"What Do We Do Now?" - Anti-Trump Alliance Self-Destructs Within Hours
Less than 24 hours after the Cruz/Kasich alliance was announced, it already appears to be on the verge of failure. Upon hearing of the deal between Cruz and Kasich, GOP voters and strategists alike were left scratching their heads, wondering how this was all supposed to work.

Creepy Cruz assails 'the media' after embarrassing loss to Trump

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April 26, 2016

7:09 PM - Footprints of Giants That Once Walked the Earth

Why is the organized church completely silent on this subject? Awareness is needed now more than ever.

As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.
Matthew 24:37


The skeletons of giants were removed; whenever a new one appears the bones are quickly removed; they are carried far away to big hangars hidden from the public eye  or are destroyed.

The Smithsonian Institute has admitted in court that has destroyed thousands of skeletons of giant since 1900

Continued with lots of photos - ignore the dates, they are meaningless.

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7:00 PM - Target Stores Bathroom Policy


Man Strips in Girl’s Locker Room, Cites “Transgender Rights”
Read here.


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6:51 PM - McDonald's - "Food" That Never Rots

She's not lovin' it! Woman shares a photo of a McDonald's cheeseburger and fries that hasn't rotted in TEN YEARS

When you buy a McDonald's burger, you might think that it's not very good for you - but you'd probably never imagine that it would last for 10 years without rotting.

A Reddit user, believed to be from the US, posted a photo of a McDonald's burger and fries that were 10 years old this month - and it looked like it could have been bought only a few days ago.

While the food does look dry and hard, there is no visible mould and it doesn't appear to have decayed in any way.



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April 25, 2016

6:40 PM - Is Donald Trump a Chameleon?

As completely disgusting as Cruz and Kasich are, I wonder, is Trump any better? Which Donald Trump would we get in the White House? The conservative or liberal one? Guess? At least he's entertaining. But I sure don't regret having quit voting over two decades ago.

"Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil."
Jerry Garcia

“I’m very capable of changing to anything I want to change to.”
Donald Trump

"At best, he’s a bold, entertaining voice of opposition. At worst, he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing."
Alex Nobles

Conservative Leaders Ask Why Donald Trump Is Ambiguous about Keeping Women and Children Safe in Public Restrooms

Donald Trump’s responses to questions about the recent public safety measure passed into law in North Carolina have drawn the concern of conservatives who have been fighting against a pattern of political correctness promoted by the militant LGBT agenda in the country.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins said Trump’s comments in an interview Thursday on NBC’s Today Show – during which he said that transgenders should be allowed to “use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate” – were “ambiguous” at best.


Donald Trump amends stance on North Carolina transgender bathroom law

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is tweaking his stance on North Carolina's transgender bathroom law less than a day after he voiced his opposition to the legislation and suggested the state should just "leave it the way it is."

"I love North Carolina, and they have a law, and it's a law that, you know, unfortunately is causing them some problems," Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity in an interview Thursday night. "And I fully understand that they want to go through, but they are losing business, and they are having people come out against."

"I think that local communities and states should make the decision," he went on to say. "And I feel very strongly about that. The federal government should not be involved."


The Trump Tapes: Vol. 1
2 minutes

Is Donald Trump a Liberal?
12 minutes


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8:53 AM - Cruz and Kasich Unite to Stop Trump

None dare call it conspiracy!


Stumping Trump: Cruz and Kasich announce they will coordinate campaigns in all-out attempt to stop The Donald - who calls move 'totally desperate'

Ted Cruz and John Kasich said they will coordinate primary strategies in upcoming states to deprive Donald Trump of delegates

Donald Trump's Republican rivals late Sunday announced plans to coordinate primary strategies in upcoming states to deprive the GOP front-runner of the delegates needed to win the Republican nomination.

Ted Cruz and John Kasich issued near-simultaneous statements outlining an agreement that may be unprecedented in modern American politics.

The Kasich campaign will give Cruz 'a clear path in Indiana'. In return, the Cruz campaign will 'clear the path' for Kasich in Oregon and New Mexico.

Trump responded to the arrangement on Twitter shortly before midnight: 'Wow, just announced that Lyin' Ted and Kasich are going to collude in order to keep me from getting the Republican nomination. DESPERATION!'


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